Some pictures along Glory Lane showing some of the challenges….

East half – recycled asphalt


This is a piece of the recycled asphalt showing how the small pieces fuse together to form an almost asphalt pavement layer in places.  This seems to make it more resistant to potholes and snow plows than just gravel.













The recycled asphalt is holding up pretty well after 7 years of use over most of its length.  Some potholes near the tree and another patch up near the turnaround, but mostly it still looks pretty good.
This pictures shows a little rutting on the left, which might be the base sinking?  If so, as Devlan noted, this may not be a good base to do real asphalt pavement on as it might not adapt to the movement like the recycled asphalt does?














Some potholes between Micah’s driveway and the tree.  This area was always bad before the recycled asphalt, so it does not solve everything.  The construction probably also helped some of it along, but the stretch just west of the tree is fine and was also subjected to all the construction traffic.   Maybe just a not so good base here?


West Half Glory Lane – Gravel

The West half of Glory Lane was re-graveled and graded not long ago as a part of getting the things up to county standards for the two new houses.   It has grown some pretty impressive potholes since.

























One of the better stretches without many potholes.
But, you can see that almost all the road mix gravel has been scraped off and the bigger rocks from the base layer are showing.  So it can’t really be graded anymore without getting into the base layer.   It really needs a new layer of road mix before any grading by a grader or the tractor can work.














Some nice potholes.
Some of these were filled a while back with material from the road cut on Glory Lane North of Lee’s house, which has a mix that includes fines, small gravel and some larger rocks.  I think that the larger rocks and fines make it somewhat resistant to reforming the potholes right away.  The filled pothole at the lower right corner of the pictures is hanging in there.  But, it seems like nothing holds up really well as a pothole fill.






















Due to the crown getting pushed off by the snow plows and the buildup along the edges, we have quite a bit of water drainage down the road making water channels in the road.  Where the water flows into the potholes, it accelerates the pothole growth as vehicles going through the potholes as the water splashes gravel out.