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  1. I too have done 100’s of hours research, including so many YouTube videos. Your website here has been the most helpful. So much so, this is the only time I’ve taken initiative to reach out with my compliments. Thank you for sharing all the detailed information on your conversion. I hope to benefit from your ideas in the near future, although I will be taking time to do mock ups as you have suggested, until it feels right for my wants and needs. Great website, thanks so much

  2. Greetings from guy in Wisconsin. I pick yup my new (2018) Transit tomorrow. I have several hundred hours in reading about this process– yours is the single best one I have seen so far! It is the pictures that make it… they do tell 1000 words each.

    Please tell me what product you used to glue down the plywood filer strips (between the ribs on the floor).



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