This page will go over some options for installing wall and ceiling paneling in conversion vans.

This page (which is done 🙂 covers in detail how we did the paneling in our van…



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  1. Gary- When we bought some vinyl flooring, I wondered if a similar vinyl material would work for the walls and ceiling. Your thoughts?

    1. Hi Jon,
      I guess I don’t know why not if you can find something that is aesthetically pleasing to you.
      But, it might be worthwhile to talk to someone at a Vinyl flooring shop and see if they know of any problems.

      You would have to put up something like plywood to apply the Vinyl to, so its likely to be a bit more work than just putting up plywood or hardboard with a finish that you like?


    1. Hi Jon,
      This is rather a brief page 🙂

      There is quite a bit more in the section that covers our conversion: https://www.buildagreenrv.com/our-conversion/our-conversion-paneling/

      The paneling material for both walls and ceilings is 1/8 hardboard. The ceiling ones are plain white and I think I just got them off the rack at Home Depot. The wall ones are patterned hardboard — one of our local lumber stores has a whole book of patterns you can get applied to the 1/8 hardboard. We picked one we liked and ordered enough panels to do the walls.

      If I had this to do over again I might try to work more wood in in place of the hardboard in places — not that the hardboard looks bad, but wood is bit warmer.
      I’d also put a little more thought into how the final trim pieces would fit in — there are still places I need to add trip to cover edges and fasteners.

      If you come up with some better ideas on paneling, please send them in.


    1. Hi Steve,
      I should have written down the brand of paneling, but did not think to do and I don’t remember anymore.

      When we get back home, I’ll check and see if I still have the receipt and if it shows anything useful.

  2. I was looking at your old website and was wondering what kind of screws you used to attach the wall and ceiling paneling? Also, size and length?


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