There are a variety of tents made to attach directly to your car top, side, or back that offer extended space for camping, but allow your car or van to keep an efficient aerodynamic shape while on the road.


A really efficient and inexpensive way to camp.


If you know of a good tent add on concept, please let me know — Contact Gary.





Car Top Tents

I’ve seen several of these offered.

Seems like it could be a good idea.  Nice and low drag when driving and pretty roomy when camped.



Roof Top Tent Air Camping

An article from camper-van-fun.com describing several examples of attached and car top camping tents.


Cascadia Vehicle Roof Top TentsCOTECVT2

These people make a whole line of vehicle tents in several different design types.

They are made to fit a variety of vehicles.  Some provide both sleeping space and a changing room.

Several other brands available — search under Car Top Tents.



DIY Rooftop Camper Made from Simplest Materials

Good set of picture plans for a station wagon roof top.

Uses a hinged plywood base attached to the wagons roof rack.  A conventional commercial tent is used over the base.  A nice simple design.





Homemade Roof Top Tent 

Very complete set of posts from OffroadTB.com showing how to build a car top tent.

A very nice job.

Video showing setup…


Wedgetail slide on camper demonstration



Quite a neat camper and tent combination.

Lots of well thought out details — good source of ideas.

Even has a shower.



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