This page is a collection of new and efficient RV and Camper concepts as well as ways to make your RV or Camper Van more efficient.


Have you got or tried an idea or design for a more efficient RV or an add-on to increase efficiency?  — please send it in…



Brand New Concepts in RVs


The DoubleBack Extend Out RV

A unique design uses a pop-top and a rear pull out to dramatically increase the inside space when the RV is parked vs when its on the road.

The pop-top reduces drag by decreasing frontal area.

Here is another rear bed slideout option from Bett Mobil.  Very space efficient.  Thanks to Ken for suggesting this.



The Relax Cabin Prius Based RV

This is a Japanese conversion of a Prius into an RV.  It has what looks like a large bed at seat level as well as a smaller upper bunk.  Some cooking equipment and a small table.

An RV that might get up toward 50 mpg!

More details and pictures…


Reduce Weight and Drag


Airtab Vortex Generators for Drag Reduction

These are vortex generators that tend to reduce air separation at the back of the vehicle.  Separation at the back of the vehicle is a major source of drag.

Read over all the material carefully and see what you think.

Some Airtab testing on a van…

Test Vorblade Vortex Generators for Drag Reduction

I bought a set of Vorblade vortex generators and tested them on my ProMaster van.

The results were disappointing — see the details at the link above.



Boat Tail Fairing Formed by Trailer

The idea is to form a boat tail fairing from a one wheel trailer.  It has the potential of reducing vehicle drag while at the same time increasing cargo capacity.

Much of a van’s drag comes from the flat back —  air separates at the back and forms a low pressure area that contributes a lot of drag.  The idea here is to basically provide a trailer that forms a boat tail fairing that would reduce the drag caused by the flat back.


The Ecomodder Site

The Ecomodder site is a gathering place for people who want to do mods to their vehicles that improve fuel efficiency.  Hundreds of ideas for drag reduction and efficiency improvement, most of which have actually been built and tested.

Also a good source of expert advice on whether proposed changes will work.


Boat tail fairing on Class C RV

This post from the Ecomodder Forum shows a very nicely done boat tail fairing added to a class C RV.

A first estimate of the improvement was a 30% improvement in fuel economy.


A Reassessment of Heavy-Duty Truck Aerodynamic Design Features and Priorities

Interesting paper that shows the reduction in drag coefficient for going from a box shaped vehicle to various front end and rear end fairing treatments.  Based on actual vehicle tests, an about 75% reduction in drag coefficient was achieved.


Car Top Tents

I’ve seen several of these offered.

Seems like it could be a good idea.  Nice and low drag when driving and pretty roomy when camped.


Reduce Weight to Improve Fuel Economy

This paper models the effect of weight reduction on fuel economy for a range of vehicle sizes.

Shows reduction with and without resizing of the vehicle power plant to take advantage of the weight reduction.

A rough rule of thumb for camper van size vehicles: You get about 0.5% gain in mpg per 100 lbs of weight reduction.

Really High MPG RVs

Wide Path — a folding camp trailer for your bike!

A camper trailer for your bike.

Compact for towing, but folds out for camping — weighs only 45 kg.

Infinite mpg!

Also note the car camper version of the Wide Path…








Prius Camper Tent from Habitents…NIPriusTentCamper2

A $100 tent for the Prius allows up to 2 people to sleep in the back of the Prius.

A good video that shows how the tent sets up and how to rearrange the seats and storage for sleeping.

The only 50 mpg camper that I know of.


Comments, Questions, Suggestions, Ideas?

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