Teardrop trailers, an idea that dates back to the 40’s, provide the ultimate in compact and practical camping.  They offer a bed and cooking facilities in a really small package.

This page provides links to DIY and kit teardrop trailers and to other compact and efficient trailers.

When hooked to an efficient tow vehicle, these teardrop trailer setups can come in as high as 35 mpg.

The emphasis is on build stories that have a lot of design and construction detail.


If you are doing a build or know of a good build and are looking for a place to tell the story — drop me an email — Contact Gary.





Cool Tears Magazine

A magazine dedicated to Teardrop and other compact trailers.

Its free (no strings) and lots of back issues are available for download.

Lots of unique designs and construction detail plus lots of Teardrop stories.



Nick’s Teardrop Trailer Page

Nick’s great collection of data on teardrop and similar compact trailers.

Extensive set of links to teardrop sites and resources.

A history of teardrop offerings.  Teardrop lifestyle and events.  Lots of pictures.


Big Woody Teardrop Campers

Big Woody provides plans and kits for Teardrop campers.

Several levels of kits — some show some very nice craftsmanship.

You can buy kits for the whole works, or for just parts (eg Electrical).



Happy Camper Teardrop Rentals

We happened to see the Teardrop in the picture at Chico Hot Springs, MT the other day — had not thought that you would be able to rent one, but there it was.  And, if you do a Google on Teardrop Rentals there are several places.

Renting would be a great way to see how you like the Teardrop lifestyle.


The Sylvan Sport Multipurpose Camp TrailerCOTDSylvanBoat

A very compact trailer for camping that also accommodates hauling bikes, boats and boards — I’d guess you could even
haul 2 by 4’s with it.

Folds down to a nice low aero drag profile.









Very Clean Teardrop Trailer Kit From Boat Builder..

A very streamlined and attractive Teardrop trailer kit from boat builder Chesapeake Light Craft.



The Cricket 

This is an aero space engineers design for a very compact trailer that has just about everything you could want.

Lots of clever ideas, well thought out, well built, not inexpensive.

Youtube video showing the Cricket in detail…

Magazine review of Cricket…






A 35 mpg RV – Honda Insight with Teardrop Trailer


The Honda Insight hybrid pulling a Little Guy tear drop trailer achieves an amazing 35 miles per gallon, while still providing full sleeping and cooking facilities.  This one is also equiped with a combination AC and heater as well as a portable shower!



Teardrop Trailer DIY for $2K

Good detailed description of designing and building a Teardrop trailer in 31 days (with only 3 hrs a day) and for $2,000.

Good, detailed, day by day description of the construction.


The Tear Drop Trailer

The Tear Drop Trailer offers completed teardrop trailers as well as several levels of kits, and parts.

Lots of good information, pictures, …


Collection of Interesting Teardrops 

This site has a dozen or so interesting designs for teardrop and compact trailers — some very unusual.

Some level of pictures and plans for all of them.



Detailed Trailer Build

I included this trailer build because its very detailed and goes through the whole process from a bare trailer chassis to a completed trailer with finished surfaces, plumbing, a galley, …  — all with good construction detail.



Comments, Questions, Suggestions, Ideas?


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  1. My daughter and I performed a few hacks on a Nissan Leaf and paired it with a Scamp 13 (also with a few hacks) in a prototype car/trailer combo to learn about all-electric RV camping.

    Here’s the airbnb listing with photos and description.


    It has a microwave, and an induction cooktop so that we can get rid of propane completely. Scamp 13 trailers currently have a lead time of 3 months and are pretty good investments, in that they have zero depreciation.
    Insider Tip: order without the 3 way fridge, they consume 4x more electricity than a newer 12v compressor fridge.

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Very nice!
      The ultimate green RV.

      Does the trailer get any/all of its electricity from the Leaf, or does it have its own battery system?


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