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I am a retired airplane product development engineer.    I live in “Big Sky” country near Bozeman Montana.

We have enjoyed RVing over the years, but lost our last RV in a highway crunch.

One thing we did not enjoy about RVing was the 10 mpg gas bills and the 2 lbs per mile of CO2 emissions.

So, this site is about getting back into RVing with a smaller footprint.  In our case we have converted a relatively efficient RAM ProMaster van into an RV that gets 20 mpg (twice our old RV).  The conversion is described in mind numbing detail here…   I’ve also tried to gather information here on many approaches to efficient RVing.  If you have or know of projects that you think would fit in well here, please let me know.



I like doing hands-on projects, especially ones that involve building prototypes to test new concepts.  Here are a couple of my past prototypes:


July 8, 2015


    • Hi Kenneth,
      That looks like a really good one — tons of good info.

      Will add a link to it when we get back home.

      Thanks — Gary

  1. oh, boy, mike, wouldn’t we ALL love to do that!?!?!?!? i am responding because
    i, too, just bought a ’16 ford transit. i think you will have to buy Gary a lot
    more than lunch, or a coffee, for such information. it is HARD to come by,
    believe me. is there such a thing as a “simple” conversion? we need to form a club – really! i live in CA, but if Gary would go for such a meeting, i’d hop a plane to Bozeman in a heart beat. good luck on your adventure, mike, and all good wishes. i would love to follow your conversion plans.

  2. Hey Gary,
    My name is Mike. Just came across your awesome site and noticed you’re in Bozeman, as am I. I’m doing a simple conversion on a ’16 ford Transit. I was wondering if I could bribe you into a cup of coffee or lunch sometime (I’ll buy! ) and pick your brain about some of your experience with solar/ electrical and insulation, as I have almost ZERO experience with any of this stuff. Started insulating with Polyiso recently but haven’t had time to work on things much, but in the next few weeks I’m going jump on things. Would love to chat conversion stuff in person and hear your thoughts.
    I’ll leave my email and hopefully you might be up for that.
    Best, Mike

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