Design and Build Information for Camper Vans


This section provides information that should help you to design and build your own RV or camper van conversion.  There are pages on selecting a good base vehicle, choosing the best interior layout for you, and design/build sections for walls, floors, windows, insulation, electrical and solar, plumbing and tanks, … Even how to build your own composting RV toilet!

If you don’t see what you want leave a comment and maybe we can find something.

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September 3, 2015, July 1, 2016

Comments, Suggestions, Questions, Ideas?

What else would  you like to see more design and build info on?



  1. Hi Susan,
    We never looked into adding seats as we only had the need for the two up front.

    It seems like I have seen commercial seats available, but can’t remember the company.

    Probably a good place to start would be the forums for the 3 main vans — you could search the existing posts and also post your question there. This page has links for the PM, Transit, and Sprinter forums:

    Also, a lot of the European van conversion RV’s are based on the Ducato, which the PM is derived from — it might be worth looking at what some of those conversions do for extra seating. There are dozens and dozens of European conversion deisigns out there.

    One last thing would be to see what Sportsmobile offers: I’m sure they have some options for extra seating.


  2. I’m interested in information on installing seats. I want to do a promaster conversion that can sleep and travel four. I have two little kids, and know there are limited options for where the seats can be safely installed.

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