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Camper van conversions

This is the home page for a large collection of DIY camper van and RV self-build conversions.  Included are big and small van conversions, tear drop and other compact trailers, and some unique conversions that will get you thinking.  See the Page Index just below.

The emphasis is on conversion stories that have a lot of design and construction detail.

The first conversion listed is our own conversion of a RAM ProMaster, and is very detailed with many pages.  Full descriptions are provided for insulating, electrical system, water system, galley, paneling, adding windows, ventilation, and floor.

If you’ve done or know of a good conversion, please let me know so we can include material on it or provide a link to it.  If you are doing a conversion and are looking for a place to tell the story — drop me an email — Contact Gary.

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  1. We left Holland in 1981 and lived in various vans (big and small) for 5 years. Now we live in a house, but as we organise craft markets all over Spain we often need to spend a week or two months living, cooking, sleeping and working in our van. Have a look at

    This was our original design, and left a lot to be desired. I am just starting on ripping everything out and re-building the interior completely

  2. The she-boss picks up our Promaster tomorrow. Your website/presence will be invaluable as we start the long road toward cowboy camping!
    So far the most important discovery here is the method you used to work in the warm on your PM during the cold snowy time.
    Thanks again for what you’ve provided us!

      • Thanks so much. Our step-by-step will be incredibly slow. As an example we know we want to do a platform bed but haven’t the first clue on even how one would attach anything to the walls side to side.
        But all of this will be a process of discovery-doing-messing-up-redoing-learning.
        I do have one question please as we get our plan of attach up and running. The question is about your furnace/heating. Did you not put the propane inside the vehicle, inside a cabinet? I do realize it vents outside. For some reason I thought the propane tank itself is supposed to be outside by law ?????
        Being able to stay warm is critical for me, just the opposite for the better-half.

        • Hi Robert,
          I’m not sure about law on tanks in the US. I know its quite common in Europe to have propane tanks in a sealed compartment that is vented to the outside (which is what I did). This is also common in boats.

          Our last RV (commercially made) had a propane tank mounted underneath, and we found it to be a pain in that the exposure to the weather, road dirt and mud, made for a lot of failures and repairs. I much prefer the inside tank.


  3. Gary; thank you for prompt response. We planned our preferred layout first hoping the systems would fall into place. In hindsight maybe not the best sequence, but we will make it work. Thank’s again. Cheers Roger Nash.

  4. Hi! Great van conversion! Where did you get those small windows? We need a couple for our sprinter van for our loft area.

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