1. Hi Gary,
    Wondering about two things about your floor.
    1) Why drill openings for the tie downs? Assuming they will be covered by the beds, kitchen, etc.

    2) Did you treat the plywood with sealer or polyurethane or anything like that?

    Thanks again for an incredible web site and review of your work. I thknk it’s the best on the web! Amazing!

    • Hi David,
      I could just imagine at some time in the future I might want access to the tie downs, and kicking myself for covering them over. But, have not used them yet.
      I do use the van to haul stuff from the lumber yard etc for projects, so I could see using them at some point.

      I did not paint or seal the plywood, but it probably would have been a good thing to do.

      Let us know how your conversion goes.


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