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    1. Hi Pat,
      As far as I know, when burning properly it does not. But, all RVs and camper vans need to have a working CO detector.

      Since these heaters take combustion air from the air the surrounds it, it will deplete the oxygen level in the RV air, so you need to have a window partially open when running it. I believe that it does have an oxygen sensor that will shut off the heater when the oxygen level gets below a certain level, but check with the manufacturer to be sure.

      They also add some moisture to the air, so that’s another reason to have some ventilation going when using them.

      There are RV furnaces that take combustion air from outside the RV and exhaust combustion products outside the RV, so if you are concerned about CO and oxygen depletion, you might look at one of them. Example: http://www.atwoodmobile.com/furnaces/everest-star-7900-ii-series.asp
      But, lots of people do use the Mr Heaters and don’t have any problems.


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