1. Thank you Gary. Spellcheck often changes my words. Do you know of a solution to the carbon buildup issue for the gas version webasto heater. I would prefer the simplicity of using gas from the tank than refilling a propane tank. The other benefit would be conserving the space the bottle would take up.-

    • Hi Heather,
      Gotta love spellcheckers 🙂

      I have never had one of the gasoline powered furnaces (eg Webasto), but have paid some attention to the discussions on the ProMaster forum on this topic.
      Some people believe that the carbon buildup is caused by running the heater at lower than full output. And some feel that running the Wabasto at full power for at least the last few minutes before shutting it down will prevent carbon buildup.
      Its probably worthwhile going to the ProMaster forum and doing a search of Webasto — be prepared to spend a couple of hours sorting through it all 🙂
      There are also some discussions on problems using the Webasto at high altitudes, and also some detailed descriptions of the installation process, which if fairly involved.

      This is how I handled the propane tank issue on my conversion — simple, but it does take up a little space in the van.

      I did keep track of propane use on one trip to Banff in the winter — it was about 0.5 gallons per night with the temperatures in the low 20’sF.

      Not trying to push you one way or the other — its one of those things that people come down on different sides on, so important to understand all the issues to make a good decision.


  2. I have a gas engine in my van. Is there a webcasting heater that can heat my cargo van to home/camper reasonably efficiently? I really want to avoid the moisture issues involved with propane. I have a Dewalt unit that is similar to Mr Buddy but it is too inefficient and “wet” in Northern Canada. I plan to escape the frozen north in winter but recently got caught in an August snowy, sleet, cold spell that chilled my soul in the Yukon. I want something to ensure a basic level of comfort, at least until I can relocate to a hospitable location.

    • Hi Heather,
      Not sure what a webcasting heater is?

      Sounds like what you want is a furnace type of heater. These exhaust their combustion air to the outside and do not add any moisture to the air. You can get them in propane or gasoline versions. With the Mr Buddy type of heater, the combustion products (including water vapor) stay in the van — they require ventilation (windows partly open) to run properly and not deplete the oxygen in the van.

      The gasoline furnaces from Wabasto are nice and compact and run right off the gasoline you already have in the van, but are pricey and somewhat difficult to install – they can also be subject to carbon buildup problems. There are propane RV furnaces made by Suburban and Atwood and Propex that work well but do require adding a propane tank to the van.

      This page details my furnace install: https://www.buildagreenrv.com/our-conversion/promaster-camper-van-conversion-installing-the-furnace/


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