electrical center for RV conversion

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  1. Thx for your posting, I have a pro master also, do you have a picture you could share of your connection to the van battery to the battery isolator.

    1. Hi Russell,
      The pictures on this page: https://www.buildagreenrv.com/our-conversion/promaster-diy-camper-van-conversion-electrical-and-solar/
      are the best I have. There is a picture of the connection to the van battery — search down the page for “Connection to Van Battery”.
      The isolator shows up in the picture above.

      On the connection to the van battery, there should be a breaker or fuse in the line to the isolator and located right next to the van battery. That is, there are large current sources on both ends of the wire connecting the van battery to the house battery, so there should be a fuse near each of the two batteries (current sources). Leaving this out was an oversite on my part which I plan to correct.


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