Testing Window AC for Van Cooling

Santiago has been working on a way to use a standard window style room air conditioner to cool his ProMaster van conversion.  The design he has worked out is aesthetically pleasing and efficient.  His installation mounts the AC unit fully within the van (nothing sticks out), and brings the outside air that is required to cool the condenser coil on the window AC unit up through openings in the floor — so there is no large air grill on the side of the van. A booster fan is used to insure that the condenser flow is not reduced by the extra ducting.

Santiago has done some prototyping of this scheme and measured the performance of the prototype. The pdf below shows the design and provides the measured performance data.  I’m sure that Santiago will provide information on the actual installation as he completes it.

Window AC testing report 15 August 2018 ver 2

There is more information on the approach of using a window AC unit in a van conversion on this page…

Thanks very much to Stantiago for providing this design and testing material!


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